Founded in 1976, Pheidias offers integrated services in the fields of architecture, planning and project management. Backed by robust analytical, research and marketing capabilities, we have delivered award-winning, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible projects to clients and communities across North America and beyond.

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Integrity, Capability, Innovation.

We take pride in integrity, both in terms of design and project management solutions and in terms of relations with clients and contractors. Integrity consists in transparency with clients, genuine solutions and direct responses based on reality.

We are a professional company led by a core team that includes wide education and experience, ranging from architecture to interior design, from engineering to planning, from accounting to construction and business management and from marketing to public processes. We specialize in design and in the delivery of our designs, and our core team can design and manage a variety of projects of any size, including their construction, with assistance of a large group of consultants and contractors.

We take pride in delivering projects on the basis that the best performance is achieved not by doing all the work directly, but by collaborating with a properly managed group of experts. Every project has new challenges, and we believe that the key task of the designers and project managers is to find solutions that are appropriate to the task at hand.

Our office is led by a multidisciplinary team rather than by one person at the head of a company or of department of a larger company, and we work as a team. We are uniquely positioned to solve complex problems and to create new design and planning solutions when the opportunity arises to lead an industry in new directions. We are specially prepared to execute not only design but the implementation of design through construction, both in major urban centres and in remote locations.

Our active interest in human culture and progress has given us a unique ability to understand the development and the relationship between design and fashion, and the best way to give an elegant expression to the culture of our clients.  This has helped us create new and lasting design styles that have helped strengthen some of the most prestigious brands in Canada. We have also been able to achieve dramatic new designs for a wide range of projects as well as prize winning restoration projects.

Our involvement in the approval system and the public process has ranged from practicing as certified professionals and teaching the building code to arranging and winning a public referendum for a mountain resort project with a national record of 92.8% yes vote.

Creative & disciplined.

Our philosophy is that vision and discipline apply to all design and development projects, that no project is a repetition and that every project, large or small, can benefit from new creativity to generate  economic success and public enjoyment.

We have expanded and refined our services since we first opened our doors and we have pioneered a number of unique initiatives, beginning in 1976 with the first waterfront luxury residential high-rise condominium in Greater Vancouver, which opened the Ambleside section of the widely acclaimed West Vancouver seawall.

We helped pioneer resort development in Whistler in the 1970s and again in the 1990s with the first development and hotel in the Village North expansion. In Vancouver, we obtained the first rezoning in the history of the city for a fully residential high-rise in the downtown district, thus changing the plan of the city and initiating the integration of uses for which Vancouver is now renowned in North America.

We have won awards in interior design, architecture, heritage restoration and planning. We operate across North America and we have been successfully involved in major public review processes since our inception. Our resort project near Banff National Park, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, showed new ways in resort development, and generated worldwide media attention. The project has been under construction since 2000 and has consistently held the highest resort real estate values in the province. It is the first to be built out of a number of mountain resorts in various stages of planning approvals.

We are unique because we can offer the full spectrum of development services in one package, from planning, to architectural and interior design to construction, as well as offering services separately in the various consulting and marketing disciplines.

We have also assisted clients in arranging project financing drawing from a wide background of experience and worldwide connections.

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta


We approach our work with modesty and humility. We have the experience to know we don’t have all the answers and the confidence to seek collaborative solutions. The integrity of the work and our clients’ interests always come first.