Sustainability & First Nations

We strive to better our world, our communities, and ourselves.


Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our architectural company’s LEED accreditation or the fact that 60% of our staff commutes via public transit. We are proud to have designed projects ranging from eco-lodges to off-grid buildings to entire mountain resort communities that are at the forefront of sustainable design and planning.

LEED Canada Green Building CouncilWorking together with leading environmental consulting companies we have designed projects that employ cutting-edge sustainability design principles and technologies – from mandating locally-sourced and renewable construction materials to specifying tertiary treatment wastewater systems to geothermal heating and cooling systems to projects that feature advanced water-saving designs and xeriscaping.

We have shown, by successfully passing a number of environmental assessment review processes, that we are able to design projects that are in the public interest and that have carefully managed environmental impacts. We have proven, by past experience, that employing sustainable designs, building practices and technologies is not just socially responsible, but also cost-effective.

We are proud to be constructing Jumbo Glacier Resort under the guidance of the most comprehensive environmental management planning and auditing of any project of its kind in North America.

“Consume less; share better.”
― Hervé Kempf

We take a holistic approach to our work, which means our  environmental policy is integrated with our approach to design:

  • Be mindful of the environment in every choice we make;
  • Abide by all laws, rules and policies related to the environment;
  • Review past decisions and always seek better solutions for new projects.

First Nations

We value and respect our First Nations partners and have made considerable efforts to work with First Nations in British Columbia, integrating their social and economic participation in projects ranging from Nitinat Resort on Vancouver Island to Jumbo Glacier Resort in the Kootenays to Crystal Mountain Resort near Kelowna and the Valemount Glacier Destination in the North Thompson region.

We are proud to have negotiated the first ever Impact Management and Benefits Agreement for a new mountain resort project in British Columbia with the Shuswap Indian Band and we continue to work hard to make First Nations equitable partners in our projects on Crown Land in British Columbia.

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