Project Management

Powerful yet simple

Our project management system allows you, the owner, to maintain control of your project with the help of management and design professionals who act as agents on your behalf. It enables you to enter into direct contract with a variety of consultants, trades and sub-trades for the project’s implementation, under the management and supervision of the project management and design company. In effect you are the general contractor – without having to lift a finger. The design and project management team do all the heavy lifting.

A delivery mechanism

Our project management system is a delivery mechanism – not just a process or a management technique.  We are uniquely able to usher your project from initial concept, to financing, approval, detailed design, construction, marketing and final operations or completion. Ultimately, what is demanded of us is the delivery of a product that will have a favourable position in the marketplace.  This is our main task as team leader of both minor and major projects, some of which span the  North American continent.

Cost benefits

This arrangement results in substantial cost savings, a heightened level of budgetary control, and an ability to make changes quickly and effectively. By requiring the designer to be the team leader and a kind of “master builder” guided by a professional code of ethics, the economic and functional objectives of your project are at the centre of all activities including design choices, materials specifications, construction arrangements, procedures, project certification and reporting – and even marketing.

Project Management by Professionals: an in-depth look at our project management system


On Time. On Budget.

Pheidias has successfully implemented its
project management system on a continent-wide basis.

Control, speed and flexibility

The project management service is based on multiple trade contracts that are offered to owners, developers and general contractors as a substitute for a traditional single contract to allow for cost control, speed and flexibility. Professional project management is typically offered when the group is retained not only to design but especially to organize and carry a project through from the time of property selection and acquisition to substantial completion by the last construction contractor and, during warranty periods, to monitor deficiencies and their rectification. The system is described in detail in our paper: Project Management by Professionals.

Pheidias Project Management Flowchart